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 Live as you will
have wished to have lived
    when you are dying...
(Quote from the poster that hung over Mike's desk.)


Dear Michael

I believe you are aware of how much we all wish the very best for you and that I would truly love to hear from you.  There is no reason whatsover to feel we want to change your wish to experience the world on your own.  We know how much you enjoy new vistas and people.  Please leave a message on this site or you know you can call me collect anytime. 

All my love, Grandpa.






     Grant us the serenity to accept  the  things we cannot change.

     The courage to change the things we can change,

And the wisdom to know the difference.


In July 2003, a young man from a middle class family in Portland OR took a ferry to Alaska and then a jet to Cancun and journeyed alone down the Yucatan Peninsula visiting various Mayan ruins. He was last heard from heading into the ruins in Tikal Guatemala. His name was Michael Rhine. He had cashed out his bank accounts, sold all the stock his grandfather had given him for college, sold his car, and took off without telling his family or friends where he was going or why.

Three weeks into his journey, he sent a package of writings to his grandfather postmarked on July 24th, 2003, from Flores, Guatemala. Included were "good-bye" notes to his grandpa, his parents, his brother, and his aunt & uncle. Though his family and others have been searching for many months, he has not been heard from since.

While packing up his belongings, we found a copy of Jon Krakauer's "Into the Wild" among Mike's books. 


In December 2003, an ad was placed in a Guatemalan paper which resulted in various sightings of a young man matching Mike's description, appearing drunk or drugged and begging in the marketplace. 
After a hurried trip to Guatemala, a young man who looked like Mike was found in the Guatemalan central market.  It was not Mike.

August 2007 - Mike's dad had moved to Guatemala where he hoped to make some contact with Mike.   Early in 2007, he reported that one of his contacts in Central America claimed a young man had been admitted to a hospital in Costa Rica with a serious head injury who was carrying Mike's drivers license.    The brain injury had damaged his memory.  Before any contact could be made, the young man escaped from the hospital with some others and took off. 
Mike's dad returned to the US in February of this year and was diagnosed with lung cancer.   He passed away in April.  We do not know whether the story about Mike was true or was a fabrication.   


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